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If you are looking for landscaping information or a landscaper we would love to hear from you.

Spring landscaping takes advantage of the wide selection of new in stock planting materials, and the cool growing season!



In this job the back yard needed a complete re grading. The existing patio blocks were salvaged and re used along with some new ones. The yard was leveled and new topsoil added, leveling and rolling. A quality peat based sod was used to give it an instant green finish.



This was a late fall job. The ground area under the oaks was cleared out and apx 2 inches of heavy soil was added for leveleing and seed base. Care was taken not to build up around the bottom of the oaks. The weeds that were in the topsoil germinated and froze of. The fall timing was perfect. It was evenly seeded with a quality seed, mixed in and rolled. In the spring there was nothing but green.

Patio and Sidewalk Blocks


We install various sizes of diamond faced and decorative patio blocks for walk ways and sitting areas. Retaining walls, fire pits, contact us for current pricing and new materials. On this job the original fire pit area was removed and replaced with a more low maintenance set up using barkman slate look patio blocks. A sealer was applied shown in the right picture.

Topsoil and Sod


On this job the sod in the back yard had to be re done. The existing are was prepped and an insecticide was applied. 2-3" inches of topsoil to level was installed and rolled. Was a late fall job it was snowing heavy that afternoon. it was a good time to get the sodding done.


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