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Residential Lawn Replacement

Lawn Replacement

Time to give up on your existing lawn? We can help! The tilling up and installation of new topsoil and #1 Kentucky Blue Grass Sod might be the way to go. Get in touch to find out what Good Turf can do for you!

Winnipeg Topsoiling
Lawn Replacement

A Common Request

If your lawn was not taken care of regularly, it can reach a point where lawn replacement becomes necessary. This is a common service request that we receive, and we are here to assist you with it. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our lawn replacement services.

Lawn Replacement Topsoil
Thick Topsoil

Grade Restoration

With the lawn replacement, the grade will be restored to its original height. Over time, the grade can lower, which can lead to improper water drainage and potential damage to your home. By restoring the grade, you can ensure proper water drainage and protect your home.

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Winnipeg Sodding

Lawn Enhancments

Looking for a low-maintenance way to enhance your new landscape? Our shrub bed services, which include fabric, edging, and mulch or rock, can help you achieve just that. Not only do they add definition to your yard, but they also boost your curb appeal. Contact us today to learn more!

Back Yard Landscaping
Back Yard Topsoil
New Sod
Rolling Topsoil Good Turf
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