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Below are some common questions.

If you have any questions regarding your landscaping please call.


When should we install our new home landscaping?


It is not recomended that a new home be landscaped immediatley after construction due to the settlement that will occur around its foundation. It is best to leave the landscaping until after the first winter. Watering around the foundation speeds up the settlement. The landscaping should be done after the driveway is installed. However, it is never too early to explore landscaping ideas, plan and budget.


How much does landscaping cost?


The cost of landscaping is limited only to one's ideas and budget. It is important to have a proper grade, topsoil, and sodding, as the quality of the materials will reflect in the finished project. Our long-standing relationships with reputable lanscaping suppliers provide us with the finest materials. This ensures that the landscaping will continue to look great season after season. It is not uncommon for the complete project to be done in phases at the client's request. For more information on pricing, please contact us to set up a free quote.


How long does landscaping take?


Every job is different and is dependant on area access, labour, and of course the weather. It is not uncommon for smaller jobs to take one or two days, and larger jobs ranging several weeks. When we start a job we work at it consecutivley until completion and customer satisfaction

Landscaping can be done anytime between early May until late October during the average Winnipeg season. The best time to landscape is at the beginning and end of the season, due to cooler temperatures and faster growing season, which allows sod to establish properly.


What options exist for low-maintenance landscaping?


Low maintenance landscapes are a common request, and there are many options. Edging, fabric, and a topping of mulch or stone makes for low maintenance areas, particularily around trees and shrubbery and near the foundation of the home. Our extensive experience working in and around Winnipeg paired with a knowledge of trees and shrubbery allow us to reccomend hardy specimen that are locally grown and therefore more resillient to the local climate conditions. We provide our clients with brief and simple instructions for the maintenance of new sod or trees in the first season.

I want to do my own landscaping. Can you still help?


Yes. If you want to do the work with your own resources and are just looking for some expertise, someone to overlook the job and possibly even do some of the finishing touches, we would be happy to be of assistance. We can also recomend or supply needed quantity materials. We offer a full line of landscaping services.


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